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Join the world's most innovative market research conference: MRMW is coming to Africa!

Market Research in the Mobile world is the only global conference series focused on mobile market research and innovative technologies. Trusted by thousands of participants worldwide, the inaugural MRMW Africa conference will take place November 5&6 in Cape Town.
Building on the continued success for the only global conference series focusing on online and mobile marketing research, MRMW features world class speakers, cutting edge discussions and a review of the latest tools and technologies available.
What makes MRMW unique?
  • MRMW is the only global conference series focused on mobile marketing research and innovative technologies.
  • Our highly focused, single stream agenda is customised for each region, drawing on our local network of experts and global advisory board.
  • MRMW has a global following and dedicated networking groups that let you connect to business partners and clients all year round.
  • MRMW is about business - it enables you to showcase your latest successes on our exhibition floor or discuss your recent projects live on stage
Join us at MRMW Africa to
Hear how leading brands from Unilever to Standard Bank, OLX and KfC are integrating mobile marketing research into their business.
Experience the latest technology innovations driving mobile research ahead
Find out where industry leaders will invest next and what drives their business decisions
Learn from over 30 presentations, real-life case studies and panel discussions from mobile research innovators
Meet and Network with 150 likeminded, innovative researchers

Watch this video to see what attendees had to say about our past event at MRMW Chicago 2014


  • The MRMW conference has been fantastic! I get to share my ideas with the greatest minds in marketing research!
    Adrian Tan - The Nielsen Company

  • I’ve been to many conferences before, I must say, this is the best one! Great time management, highly engaged audience and perfect event handling!
    Ananda Putri - Adidas

  • The MRMW event has included some truely enlightening speakers. Attending it would certainly be a good investment of time in this diary-pressured world.
    Scott Dodgson - SKOPOS

  • "MRMW has established itself as the premiere gathering of minds in mobile research. The event offered our team a great opportunity to collaborate with the mobile research industry leaders."
    Dan Weber - itracks

  • It was amazing to be at MRMW Europe, I learned a lot and hopefully I’ve made valuable contributions for the event as well.
    Rebecca Braak - KLM

  • The MRMW conference is a source of providing incredible energy, ideas and action in Mobile Market research. Every time I return from MRMW, I'm guaranteed to come back with at least one new idea, one new tool, and one new supplier relationship. The benchmark set by each MRMW conference establishes a high standard for everyone associated with mobile market research.
    Jasmeet Sethi - Ericsson

  • Whether it's cutting edge research methodologies or new technology-enabled insights, MRMW helps you keep pace with the state of the art and, more importantly, connect with those who will be defining the state of the art in the years to come.
    Tico Blumenthal - Medtronic

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